I’m glad I work for God!

I don't know about you but I have worked places that made me feel sick the moment I pulled in the driveway. Like literally, I would pull in and the negative thoughts about how much I hated to walk to the door started. Dragging through the day watching the clock, taking extra looooong (black folk) … Continue reading I’m glad I work for God!


Dear Baby Daddies,

Before I let these things off my chest you were special to me and there are times I really miss but this plea to you won't be sealed with a kiss When you care for someone and you can’t see your life any other way but then years show you that tomorrow is gone and … Continue reading Dear Baby Daddies,

…but God!

Most days I wake up, fuss my way through the 6am hour trying to get my house ready to start the day. I get the kids off the school, the baby to daycare, drive to work and try to motivate myself during the ride! I stay so busy in the hustle of life that sometimes I have to stop … Continue reading …but God!

School is still in session!

  I remember Jr. High and High school were some of the toughest years of my life. There were times I did not want to go! There were times I did not have the clothes I wanted to wear, the shoes, or my hair was not done. There were times it was raining cats and … Continue reading School is still in session!

You ain’t nothing but a little BLACK girl!

First, let me start by saying you are more than “Just a little black girl”. You can be whatever you imagine in the dreams of your heart. You can be a Politician, a CEO, a Police Officer, a Social Worker, a Truck Driver, Teacher, Nurse, Doctor,  whatever you want to be with hard work you can accomplish … Continue reading You ain’t nothing but a little BLACK girl!

Fight For It: Your Sanity Vs Depression

Depression is real. Anyone can be depressed, and at one point   in your life or another YOU may experience some level of depression too. It is important to have a general understanding about what depression is, is not, and how to deal with it when it happens to you or someone you know. Depression can be … Continue reading Fight For It: Your Sanity Vs Depression

Just a BabyMama

No girl in her right mind says, "I wanna be a baby mama when I grow up." We talk about being nurses, wives, and mothers. We want a nice car, huge house and a family. I know that is what I was saying when I was 10 years old. Now look here I am more than 20 years later doing … Continue reading Just a BabyMama


Hey girl! Glad you stumbled up on my blog! Welcome!! I encourage you to browse around the different topic areas and be sure to comment and leave feedback if you find something interesting or have been through something similar. I'd  love to hear from you too. This blog was created to give me a voice, … Continue reading HEY GIRL!

Welcome to my blog! OGBABYMAMABLOG is a dream come true for me! I am excited to share the drama  and blessings of my life. What a roller coaster! There were many times I wanted to just crawl under a rock and hide. I have seen some very difficult days often times I did not see a way out. … Continue reading