Hood to Homeownership: How I purchased my first home

If you are reading this then it is CLOSING DAY (3/27/2017) and me, a single mom of five children, has transitioned my family from the hood to homeownership! Another one of God’s many promises has yet again came to pass! All Glory to the MOST HIGH! In all honesty, I chose to start writing this … Continue reading Hood to Homeownership: How I purchased my first home


Be Yourself (not really)

 Everyone says "Be yourself" but nobody really wants me to. Not family, not friends, and definitely not coworkers. Hell sometimes I don't want to be myself. Being yourself requires you to let go of any self conscious thought about what anyone has to say in any area of your life. Being yourself sometimes means pissing … Continue reading Be Yourself (not really)


Hey girl! Glad you stumbled up on my blog! Welcome!! I encourage you to browse around the different topic areas and be sure to comment and leave feedback if you find something interesting or have been through something similar. I'd  love to hear from you too. This blog was created to give me a voice, … Continue reading HEY GIRL!

Welcome to my blog! OGBABYMAMABLOG is a dream come true for me! I am excited to share the drama  and blessings of my life. What a roller coaster! There were many times I wanted to just crawl under a rock and hide. I have seen some very difficult days often times I did not see a way out. … Continue reading