Tonight I am feeling like I can do anything..go anywhere..be anyone I am feeling hopeful. Despite the obstacles in front of me that stand high as the sky blocking my view ahead I feel hopeful! I feel like my eyes are closed but I am able to walk anyways..not knowing what lies ahead and barely … Continue reading #Hopeful


The Devil’s New Year!

5...4...3...2...1.. Happy New Year!!!! If you are like me a new year brings new revelations and gratefulness in your heart. Reflecting on the last year and years past, setting goals and wanting to be better than you ever been before. I know it's cliché to set New Year's Resolutions but I do every year. I … Continue reading The Devil’s New Year!

Reflections #2016

This has been a long year for me. I've been witness to so many accomplishments and a few firsts for my family. A couple things blindsided me and caused me to shift in ways I did not think I would have to. A few things went wrong and some things did not change as I had hoped … Continue reading Reflections #2016

God is a Provider!

I heard Donnie McClurkin say something this morning that really blessed me. He said something to the tune of,  "God allows you to live with less so when you get more you can use it correctly." Man that is shouting stuff right there! Just as I was preparing my balloons for the #pittyparty I was … Continue reading God is a Provider!


I had things I wanted to do and thoughts of how nice life would be if they were done.. I slept but never DREAMED! Never tapping into those "What ifs" and never moving past the fear I lived in! Never feeling like I deserved to be written in history like those others before me who … Continue reading Dream🔮

I’m glad I work for God!

I don't know about you but I have worked places that made me feel sick the moment I pulled in the driveway. Like literally, I would pull in and the negative thoughts about how much I hated to walk to the door started. Dragging through the day watching the clock, taking extra looooong (black folk) … Continue reading I’m glad I work for God!

…but God!

Most days I wake up, fuss my way through the 6am hour trying to get my house ready to start the day. I get the kids off the school, the baby to daycare, drive to work and try to motivate myself during the ride! I stay so busy in the hustle of life that sometimes I have to stop … Continue reading …but God!