My Favorite Child!

You are my favorite child. I love all the #Troops but I love you most! Maybe it is because you are the oldest and we grew up together. I have always had high hopes for you and your potential was apparent at a very young age. Reading when you were 3 years old and asking … Continue reading My Favorite Child!


Dear Baby Daddies,

Before I let these things off my chest you were special to me and there are times I really miss but this plea to you won't be sealed with a kiss When you care for someone and you can’t see your life any other way but then years show you that tomorrow is gone and … Continue reading Dear Baby Daddies,

Just a BabyMama

No girl in her right mind says, "I wanna be a baby mama when I grow up." We talk about being nurses, wives, and mothers. We want a nice car, huge house and a family. I know that is what I was saying when I was 10 years old. Now look here I am more than 20 years later doing … Continue reading Just a BabyMama