Reflections #2016

This has been a long year for me. I've been witness to so many accomplishments and a few firsts for my family. A couple things blindsided me and caused me to shift in ways I did not think I would have to. A few things went wrong and some things did not change as I had hoped … Continue reading Reflections #2016


God is a Provider!

I heard Donnie McClurkin say something this morning that really blessed me. He said something to the tune of,  "God allows you to live with less so when you get more you can use it correctly." Man that is shouting stuff right there! Just as I was preparing my balloons for the #pittyparty I was … Continue reading God is a Provider!

Be Yourself (not really)

 Everyone says "Be yourself" but nobody really wants me to. Not family, not friends, and definitely not coworkers. Hell sometimes I don't want to be myself. Being yourself requires you to let go of any self conscious thought about what anyone has to say in any area of your life. Being yourself sometimes means pissing … Continue reading Be Yourself (not really)