My Favorite Child!

You are my favorite child. I love all the #Troops but I love you most! Maybe it is because you are the oldest and we grew up together. I have always had high hopes for you and your potential was apparent at a very young age. Reading when you were 3 years old and asking … Continue reading My Favorite Child!



I had things I wanted to do and thoughts of how nice life would be if they were done.. I slept but never DREAMED! Never tapping into those "What ifs" and never moving past the fear I lived in! Never feeling like I deserved to be written in history like those others before me who … Continue reading Dream­čö«

I’m glad I work for God!

I don't know about you but I have worked places that made me feel sick the moment I pulled in the driveway. Like literally, I would pull in and the negative thoughts about how much I hated to walk to the door started. Dragging through the day watching the clock, taking extra looooong (black folk) … Continue reading I’m glad I work for God!