…but God!

Most days I wake up, fuss my way through the 6am hour trying to get my house ready to start the day. I get the kids off the school, the baby to daycare, drive to work and try to motivate myself during the ride! I stay so busy in the hustle of life that sometimes I have to stop and think about how far God has brought me and my family. There are so many times in my life that I wanted to give up and allow my mind to be lost! But God…When I moved out on my own and I could not pay the rent or manage my bills. My then boyfriend blacked my eye and I found myself pregnant for the third time before my 21st birthday! I wanted to die!! But God…. When my two year old son had no brain activity but I thought he was still going to somehow make it, I prayed and prayed but he still died after suffering a whole month! I had no hope! But God…. When my dad died unexpectedly my family was not prepared for such a huge loss. But God…..

There are so many instances in my life that He came and sat right next to me in the middle of EVERY storm. Day after day giving me at least one reason to live that carried me through. He brought people in my life to show me how to love and give without expecting anything in return. He became my very best friend! He taught me how to be there for others though I was hurting so much myself on the inside. I’ve gained a better sense of what having a relationship with Jesus will do for the soul. Looking back I feel so good about having His support that I want to share the feeling with everyone I know. I have been drunk, high, and had pleasure from sex and love. But I can honestly say the satisfaction and overwhelming sense of comfort, compassion, healing, help, support, validation and love I get from my relationship with The Creator is far beyond anything I can get from another human being.

I am grateful He saved my life. He saves my mind. He saves my anointing and He continues to take care of me better than I can take care of myself.


9 thoughts on “…but God!

  1. NiqueNique says:

    God NEVER makes mistakes !! You are blessing individuals right now .. Your experiences. . your lessons. . you are doing gods work ! God bless you sissy🙌💛


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