School is still in session!



I remember Jr. High and High school were some of the toughest years of my life. There were times I did not want to go! There were times I did not have the clothes I wanted to wear, the shoes, or my hair was not done. There were times it was raining cats and dogs outside and that mile long walk with no umbrella was not the business. There were times my baby was up all night and I had maybe two hours of sleep all night! There were times that I knew somebody wanted to fight me and going to school that day meant I had to face the drama. There were times me and my boyfriend broke up and I wanted to stay in my bed and hide from the world…..but when school was in session I was there!black-teen-pregnancy-rates

I am not so old that I do not understand or remember how difficult those years were. Everything was a huge deal and there was not even any Snap chat, Facebook, Instagram or none of that and I still had a hard time. Honestly my motivation was because I had a baby. The baby himself was not the motivation even though he should have been, but it was the people who thought I was going to drop out because I had him that motivated me. I wanted to prove them wrong.  Maybe if they had not doubted me I would have just given up, but the negativity pushed me and made me want to graduate.

My mother was no joke either and even though we bumped heads I understand why she did not take no mess from me. She took care of me and when I had my baby at 15 she helped take care of him too. My mom taught me everything I know and having her pushing me to do the right thing and stay in school made all the difference. I often hear stories and think about the young ladies who don’t have that drive behind them. It is important to have someone in your corner pushing you to do the right thing even when your hormones and heart don’t want to listen. If you do not have a parent or guardian who goes hard for you and pushes you towards greatness, I am sorry. You really deserve that. You need that. If you do not have that for whatever reason I still want you to step up and push yourself.

The future for someone without a high school diploma is very uncertain. No one wants to have to hustle all their life, risk going to jail or rely on government assistance to eat or live. Back in the day you could get a decent job without a diploma but now you almost have to have some type of college to get paid a decent wage. I’m not talking tennis shoe/ hair money. I am talking rent/ car note money. You will need your education for that. It starts with finishing this first step and starting to make plans for the rest of your life. I understand that college is not for everyone, learn a trade. Some high schools have programs where you can get training while earning your diploma. Take advantage of that. Even if you change your mind you have something to fall back on. Whatever you do, if school is in session you should be there!

Mark my words, you will need your high school diploma! You will! In this age of computer everything at the bare minimum YOU NEED A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. If you have to please get your GED. There are so many opportunities that you will have to pass up on if you do not stick with school. I know there are tests and plenty of barriers between you and your high school diploma but you have to let someone know you need help. If you come  to school most days and really put effort in a counselor or teacher will likely be willing to go to bat for you. Find someone you can talk to and tell them if you need help.

If you have already dropped out and want to go back to school it is never too late!! I took college classes with a man who was 82 years old and his wife was taking classes down the hall! Contact your local library and ask about GED classes, or a Community College in your area. If you have to contact the high school in your neighborhood and ask them about resources for people who want to get their GED or diploma. If you don’t ask now I promise at 30 and 40 years old you will wish you did.






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