You ain’t nothing but a little BLACK girl!

Black girls rock

First, let me start by saying you are more than “Just a little black girl”. You can be whatever you imagine in the dreams of your heart. You can be a Politician, a CEO, a Police Officer, a Social Worker, a Truck Driver, Teacher, Nurse, Doctor,  whatever you want to be with hard work you can accomplish your dreams. Whoever you are be her and be proud of her. Your ancestors paved the way for this very moment. You should know that there are women in your past that died so that you could get your education, so that you could vote and be so much more than just a little black girl. It is important to know where you came from in order to know where you SHOULD be going. You are destined for greatness but there are going to be a lot of roadblocks, detours, red lights, and obstacles in the road on the way to success… to greatness.

Unfortunately our beautiful pigmented skin color tells a story before anyone even hears us speak. It is important to recognize that all stories people make up in their minds won’t be positive or true will help you understand the hidden rules of society. There is a whole list of stereotypes and hidden rules in society and maybe one day I will write about some of the ones that I have encountered but for now I just want you to know that you are powerful! Your skin is beautiful, your body is wonderful, your mind has so much potential that a whole nation can be birthed from your ideas. You are great, you are special, there is no one and will ever be anyone like you! You are more than “Just a little black girl”.



**Food for thought**

Reading more can increase your understanding of YOUR African American history

Google African American leaders, history makers, inventors, politicians, philanthropist etc

If you’re in college take a course on African American history



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