Fight For It: Your Sanity Vs Depression

Depression is real. Anyone can be depressed, and at one point   Image result for pic of depressed  black and white women in your life or another YOU may experience some level of depression too. It is important to have a general understanding about what depression is, is not, and how to deal with it when it happens to you or someone you know.Image result for pic of depressed  black and white women

Depression can be described as feelings of sadness or being down. Depression can occur for a variety of reasons. If your have money issues, your boyfriend cheats on you, you fail a class, you get fired from a job, your parents divorce etc. This depression is often referred to as situational depression. Basically you are sad because of the situation that happened or didn’t happen. The important thing to remember about this level of depression is that it is normal, and short term. The emotions you are feeling will not last forever. There are everyday activities that you can do called coping skills that can help you manage your depression.

Coping skills:

  1. Music– Music can be therapeutic. Put on some of your favorite music and enjoy!
  2. Reading– Nothing beats feeling down better that getting swept away in a good novel or blog 🙂 Try it!
  3. Writing– This is my ultimate favorite way of dealing with stress and making sense of my life. Journaling helps me organize my thoughts when I have things on my mind.
  4. Exercise– Yasssss honey! Good old fashion working out. It is a fact that working out releases chemicals in your body called endorphins. Endorphins triggers a positive feeling that naturally boosts your mood.
  5. Getting out the house– Sitting in the house all the time in your room can just make you feel blaaaah! Sometimes all you need to do is get out and get some fresh air.
  6. Watch a movie– A great movie can be as good as reading. You can get so caught up in the storyline that for a little while you forget all about you own problems. Sometimes two hours of not thinking about a problem or being on social media was all I needed to snap out of it and put things back in perspective.
  7. Spirituality– If you ask me this is #1. Spirituality of some sort is very important when it comes to fighting depression. Spirituality is a feeling and sense of being that there is someone somewhere bigger than yourself, acting on your behalf and when you believe this you know that at the end of the day everything is going to be ok. I listen to sermons on Youtube a few of my favs are Td Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joel Olsteen and Pastor RA Vernon. Whatever you or your family consider spiritual tap into that and allow that to guide your life especially when you are feeling down.
  8. Anything healthy that you enjoy and do to destress can be used as a coping skill.

Then there is severe depression a.k.a Clinical Depression. This kind of depression last longer, can leave you feeling hopeless, and maybe even thinking about ending your life. Lack of appetite, isolation, trouble sleeping, or sleeping too much, lack of energy, losing interest in fun things and friends, or using drugs and alcohol to cope with life are some of the many symptoms of this type of depression. Many of the things I described in situational depression can be the cause of this level of depression in addition to anything else life throws at you. The difference is that Clinical Depression lasts longer and sometimes is not even tied to a situation or event. Depression can hit heavy and hit hard! Sometimes there is a trigger like the death of a loved one but often times you don’t know what is wrong or why. In these cases, you definitely need to let someone know. Seek counseling, speak with a school counselor, parent, trusted adult, or the college counseling center if you’re in college. Do not fight this alone. You are not alone even though you may feel that you are. Depression is the most common mental disorder and affects millions of people. Depression does not discriminate. It is treatable but you have to get the help for it and tell someone.

If you see some of the signs I listed you may be able to understand why someone is acting the way they are and can be more sensitive to their moods. Maybe you can even get information to them so they can get help…maybe its you and you can get help. Battling depression is not easy, oh no, you are gonna have to FIGHT FOR IT..It is your sanity, your mind, your dreams, your goals, your plans! But it will be worth it. You are strong and being depressed is not a sign of weakness. Knowing when you need help and seeking it is brave. Use those coping skill and ones you design for yourself and if that doesn’t work you may need to talk with a professional. Below is a small list of resources if you or someone you know are experiencing depression and having thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Call 911

Go to any hospital Emergency room

For more information about depression or other mental illness visit National Alliance on Mental Illness:



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