life is attitudeWelcome to my blog! OGBABYMAMABLOG is a dream come true for me! I am excited to share the dramaImage result for sad face emoji  and blessingsImage result for smiley face emoji of my life. What a roller coaster! There were many times I wanted to just crawl under a rock and hide. I have seen some very difficult days often times I did not see a way out. Someway, somehow, through the Grace of God I made it and I continue to make it. I am convinced that my attitude played a huge part in where I am today. You can give two people the same opportunities and they will make different choices. Attitude is EVERYTHING and as a female we have plenty of Attitude! I noticed that no matter what I was going through nobody really cared that I was sad all the time or even if they cared what could they really do? It is hard to help anyone who is not motivated to do anything about the situation they are in. I know some things are beyond our control when they happen but we can definitely control how we deal with it once the initial sting is gone. Do you need counseling? Do you need to stop doing something? Do you need to start doing something? Do you need to quit making the same mistake over and over again? Do you need to make a phone call and handle some business? Whatever the challenge or situation is I guarantee your attitude will determine which way this thing goes for you. I had to stop thinking that everything was happening TO me and start realizing (through my faith) that it is happening FOR me instead…a change in attitude changed my life!



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